Domains are the address system of the internet and they provide an easy way to connect web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) and websites. So, for instance, if you use the address it is going to take you to the Google website.

Your domain name is very important and it is what people will be using to search for you. You need it to be easy remember and easy to find. That is why I stress so much that free websites that don’t allow you to have your own full personalised domain do so much damage to your business.  What’s easier to remember or

Pro Tips for choosing your perfect domain name

  • Choose a name that will allow you to grow and change direction
  • If possible use your own name (or the name you write under). The ideal domain name format for authors is It is likely to be taken that means you will need to find a few creative variations until you find a domain that’s available.
  • Or you can try or incorporate your genre but remember the first point – choosing a name that allows you to change direction.
  • Think of the seperability aspect. The domain name needs to be easily understood in radio or TV interviews or in situations where your audience may not be able to see how the domain is written.
    • Make sure it is easy to spell
    • Keep it as short as you can
    • Avoid using numbers or hyphens
  • Do research into this name – does anyone else have it, are there any other companies that trade under it (even if they don’t have a website).



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