If your book marketing approach is simply telling people about your book then we would urge you to think again.

If your most regular Tweet or Facebook post is simply ‘Book A out today. Buy here’ then we would urge you to think again.

It sounds strange but sales can wait. You need to focus on building up your audience before you jump right in with your sales pitch.

Think why people would even want to buy your book in the first place. Think like a reader – put yourselves in their place and consider what they want from interactions with authors on social media.

Remember that for most of your audience social media is a leisure activity they want to be entertained and do not want authors virtually knocking on their doors and thrusting copies of books in their faces. Interrupting their social space with aggressive marketing can be annoying and will only help to get you an unfollow.

To get the attention of your readers you need to understand what amuses and interests them and give it to them.

Ok, you are an author now but I bet you were *just* a reader once. So stop thinking like an author and think like a reader.

Pick a book (not yours!) and think about what made you enjoy it? Have you told any of your friends about it? What words did you use?

Now pick up your own book and repeat the exercise.

How would you as a reader describe it?

Brutal and engaging!
Satisfying read!
Exuberant and absorbing!

Before you start selling tell readers about the book first and why they will enjoy it. You need to get your book into the hands of readers who will truly enjoy it and tell others the same.