Your website should convey who you are and what your work is about. It is, afterall, your online counterpart.

An out of date, poorly executed website looks unprofessional and is off putting to new readers.

It is important to give your site a regular spring clean and this should be all parts of the site – not just the home page.

Remember that people access the site by different routes so a strategy needs to be in place to keep your site fresh, updated and to keep it as a valuable marketing tool.

3 website check tips

1) Check your ‘About’ page is current and you have an up to date photograph. A great time to do this is either before or after your latest launch.

Pro tip: Instead of phrases like “for the past six years” use the year. This avoids having to go back and update references every year (or worse, forgetting and having an outdated page).

2) Remove all but the most current items of news as this will ensure your site looks fresh and up to date. Older items may still be interesting but may have outdated references or broken links and be confusing to the casual or new user.

Pro tip: Even if you are regularly weeding out old content you can still fall foul to the broken link. Installing a free plugin such as Broken Link Checker will help you to avoid this.

3) If you have a calendar of your events and appearances on the site make sure they are removed as soon as the date has passed.

Pro tip: If you have no events lined up then simply remove the menu item so the page does not show up for visitors.

Having even this basic system of website checks in place ensures visitors to your site will perceive it as a source of timely and relevant information and will keep coming back.