Facebook offers us a powerful tool for marketing but it is sometimes difficult to know how best to manage it. With a plethora of options today we are looking at sharing links.

Sharing links in Facebook 

There are 3 different ways to show a link you are sharing in Facebook – all have different purposes and there is one that the Facebook algorithm likes the best.

  1. Text and Automatic Preview Link

To do this copy and a paste a link into your Facebook status update. You will see that Facebook, which face it is a clever beast, will automatically generate a preview of that link. This preview will vary but it usually includes a headline and some blurb from the URL you have pasted.

How authors can add a link on facebook with automated preview

Sometimes, but not always, it will bring up an image from your site and this will depend on what is on the page that you are sharing.

Link sharing on facebook without automatic preview of image.

However if you do not like the image (or one doesn’t appear) then you can always upload another one. You can keep the link in your update or you can delete it. If you delete it it will not delete the link preview so it is up to you.


  1. The Link only


If you do want to delete the preview you can just  click on the “x” in the top right hand corner of it. This will mean your link is shared as a simple text URL.


  1. Photo and Text Link

Adding an image with a photo on facebook

The other option is to upload a photo and include the URL in the caption itself.

Editing a shared image on facebook

The benefit of this is that it will also show up in your page’s photo album.

So which option should you use?

This can be a choice as simple as personal preference – which looks the most aesthetically pleasing to you.

However (and remember this changes all the time as Facebook are constantly running tests and tweaking their algorithm) at the time of writing the best one is option one – using text and links with a preview as this has the best reach and will give you the most visibility.

But you can still tweak this and we recommend that you upload your own image rather than use the selection of image pulled up automatically by Facebook. Consider creating images designed especially for your Facebook page – using free tools such as Canva or Picmonkey.